Our Drivers

Our Drivers are trained & professional

Our drivers are the most visible face of our company, after the vehicles we provide. That is why, they are chosen with care. We hire them after adequate background check and police verification for criminal background if any.


At ATT, we take our civic duties seriously. So after the training on soft skills and communication skills, there is extensive training provided to chauffeurs/drivers on various aspects of driving safety and road etiquette.


Driver’s Hygiene is important for their Health, and for a superior customer experience. That is why, at ATT, we have very strict personal grooming rules and regulations for drivers and chauffeurs. They are also expected to be in their uniform at all times. Any violations in these regards are dealt with appropriately.

Health check-up

Chauffeurs and drivers undergo periodic or need-based health checkup(s) at diagnostic centres and hospitals with which we have a tie-up. The reports are sent directly to our HR, to analyze if there any concerns that can impact upcoming shifts. The expenses for these checkups are borne entirely by ATT, without creating any burden for them.

Driving Guidelines

Drivers/chauffeurs are given clear guidelines, and dos and don’ts for driving that covers:

  • Distance of 6 feet to be maintained between vehicles
  • Courtesy towards fellow drivers, pedestrians and two-wheelers
  • Following traffic lights and signage
  • Minimized use of the horn
  • Overtaking, making left and right turns
  • Speeding / over-speeding
  • Parking in ear-marked zones
  • Correct use of lanes and headlights
  • Unnecessary decorations or luggage that can impair windshield views
  • Mechanical faults in vehicles that can be quickly rectified
  • Documentation to be carried
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