Rental Services for Corporates or mid-sized companies can range from

  • engagements for short periods of time, for events related to the company, or
  • on an ongoing basis for employee commute.

In each of these categories, we have clear policies, along with well-maintained vehicles and professional chauffeurs/drivers provided.

Employees availing company transportation is a cost-effective solution and efficient for corporates to avoid delays or attrition due to self-commute-related issues. We work with some of the top IT/ITES, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing companies in Bangalore to provide cost-effective commute services for their employees.  

To enable this, we have a fleet of over 2500 cars and buses of different sizes and brands, depending on the client’s preferences.

Car Rentals, on a need-basis, are an effective method for Corporates to handle unexpected surges in employee commute due to events, seminars, client visits, etc.

We maintain different brands of cars, including premium brands, to suit your stature or preferences, and ensure a good image of our company is presented at all times.

Expats who have relocated to India for short durations or on a permanent basis have higher expectations on brand and quality of vehicle, as well as chauffeurs presentability and communication skills.

We are cognizant of these needs and ensure well maintained cars and  trained chauffeurs are provided for such clients. We have different packages based on duration of need, frequency of commute, distances and locations commuted to, and desired brand of vehicle.

We have a large fleet of both company-owned and outsourced Buses (24, 32 & 50-seater) for both day-to-day employee commute, as well as event-related commute.

All buses have GPS installed in them, and there is an in-house tracking centre dedicated for them. The vehicles are also fitted with safety devices like Speed Governor and Emergency Exit.

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