We care for You

Benefits for our Passenger

Passenger Safety

All our vehicles are GPS enabled which helps us track the time taken in a trip, alighting and deboarding point and route followed.

ID cards for drivers

All our drivers are expected to wear their ID cards at all times.    

Driver verification

Thorough investigation of the driver’s antecedents, employer feedback, police verification for criminal background if any, etc, is collected and recorded before we get them on board.

Benefits for our Corporate client

On Time Arrival (OTA)

We have internal checks and measures, as well as route information to ensure on-time arrival of the vehicle at the employee’s pick-up point, every time.

Effective Communication

Our front office, management team and drivers are trained to be clear and effective in communication to ensure there are no communication gaps.

Benefits for our Chauffeurs & Bus Drivers

Health checkup

In addition to the annual routine health check-up, our chauffeurs and drivers are covered with Group Medical Insurance packages which minimizes any burden on them.


Chauffeurs/Drivers are trained about the vehicle, security aspects and soft skills such as communication and organizational culture

Timely payment

Chauffeurs/Drivers are always paid on time, on a monthly basis irrespective of whether payments from the client have come in or not

Benefits for our Partners

‘Partners’ or ‘Suppliers’ are basically smaller car rental companies with small fleets of owner-driven or hired-driver cars. They are carefully selected based on their compatibility with our vision, mission and values and given orientation on our working style. They can benefit from:

Online payments

All payments are made on a monthly basis, and in time, irrespective of whether client payments have come in or not.

Customer Focus

Partners are treated with the same respect as the corporate clients are, and feedback or concerns if any are addressed in time.

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